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About us


To everyone interested to know how Manali Fashion had started, please go ahead and read the lines to follow :

Let us first say that the story of Manali Fashion’s beginning is much different than any other beginnings you have ever heard of ….. It’s an exceptional story that any business can result from. And grow to reach the advanced markets as it’s today.



 How old is Manali Fashion?
We can truthfully say that Manali Fashion was a 3-year

old baby when it rised up to the world and started getting more and more known. It showed up in an era where Wedding Dress prices were extremely unaffordable for most  Arab girls , and it saved everything just in the perfect time!


How did we grow up?
Manali Fashion has grown up on a steady pace and fair steps First it was a small business, and while Arab girls and customers got to know them more through various means , and with the word of mouth, the business started exploding and getting more and more well-known!


How big are we?
Sooner than it seems, Manali Fashion became a big enterprise with customers from all around the ArabWorld, from Tunisia to KSA , and from Lebanon to Oman . It became so popular all around the whole region of the Arab World that everything started to take another huge step forward again ! To date, there are 25 employees within the company who complete the business and ensure customer’s satisfaction, and we are suppliers to many popular boutiques especially in KSA ( Jeddah-Riyadh-Abha) , United Arab Emirates( Sharjah- Abu Dhabi-Dubai-Al Ain..etc) , Qatar , and Lebanon …. We also sell directly to individuals and save them so much money and time !!


How professional are we?

The need for more affordability and value for customers made it necessary for Manali Fashion to establish its own workshop in the Industrial area of China with top tailors and workers , in order to provide more value for our customers at the best suitable prices ! And this is exactly how things have been evolving  ever since. At this time, we have employees specialized in the beading process of our dresses, special machines for embroidery , hand-made rose specialists and tailors who are specialized in different kinds of material to ensure everything meets recognized tailoring standards….