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Returns and Cancellations

·        Order Cancellations

All wedding dress orders canceled within 24 hours of purchase will be eligible for a full refund under certain conditions. The bride has to offer a clear reason of why she wants to cancel, such as the unfortunate death of a close one and the cancellation of the wedding or similar reasons. Manali Fashion will be refunding her order payment minus any transfer charges. Orders canceled after 24 hours will be eligible for a partial refund of 70% of item price. Orders canceled after 48 hours will not receive any refund because the workers would have started working on the dress already.


·        Return / Refund Policy

A. At Manali Fashion’s online store, your purchase is 100% refundable if the item you ordered was made wrong by our factory or if we sent you the wrong dress.

What we mean by wrong is that in case the gown was tailored in a design that is totally different and not matching at least 70% of the dress design. We always use top quality material and fabric so quality won’t be an issue since it is monitored closely before commencing with tailoring. We can only refund if the fault is clearly documented and seen. The Quality Inspection Team at Manali Fashion shall be investigating the issue to determine this eligibility.


B. Gowns that are customized are tailored according to a certain bride’s measurement. This means that we cannot take it back from you since it was specifically made to fit your body. Customers should also be careful when choosing to merge 2 dresses together as the outcome would be different from what they have in their minds. To be on the safe side, we recommend customers to have the minimum amendments possible to preserve the design of the wedding dress. However, the above condition in (a) applies and will be the only exception for a refund. In order to file for money return, you need to document the faults of the dress in any way you want so it becomes 100% clear to the team at MF that it was a matter of their hands. Since we are tailors of Wedding Dresses, we obviously cannot tailor exactly the same exact design of international wedding dresses. However, we match this by 80-90%. So kindly take this in consideration because we never sell false promises that the dress is an exact 100% copy. It won’t be but it will be hard to distinguish ours from the original. All of this is mentioned in the return form .Further explanation is found below.


 C. All of our customized dresses depend on the measurement the bride sends us. Most of the times, the dresses we hand in to customers match their exact measurements. However, there are a few rare times when dresses do not fit, and it is because the wrong size was ordered. Make sure you carefully read our "Measurements instruction" page and measure very carefully before ordering. It will ensure a fault-free procedure.


D. All returned gowns must be in original condition without any damages, stains or changes. The buyer shall incur the shipping expenses back to us in order to receive the order’s refund.





Step 1: Inquire about the Return request:


A. Customers must contact within three days from receipt of the order .Inform our sales team about your problem.

B. If a return is deemed to be necessary, we will send you a return form that you need to fill.


Step 2: Prepare for returning the merchandise if instructed to do so:

A. Fill the Return Form and send it to Manali Fashion’s address along with your dress.

B. Your dress will be inspected upon  receival. Refunds will be processed from this stage.

C. Manali Fashion refuses to accept packages that do not include the Authorization Number and Return Form enclosed within the package. We also reserve the right to refuse giving any refund in case the dress is clearly as ordered and has no defect in it.


Step 3: How to ship the item you want to return back to us:

A. The return address is written on the Return form.

B. Returned packages must be sent out within seven (7) days after receipt of your order (receipt date is your delivery date according to the carrier).

C. Return packages must have a valid Authorization Number and a completed Return Form must be enclosed inside.

D. When you return an item, be sure to use a shipping service that can be tracked.

F. After we receive the shipped item, we will notify you by e-mail to acknowledge its receipt.

G. Please check your e-mail often as we may have several questions for you.






A. All authorized returns will be credited to the original form of payment (i.e. credit to the same credit card you used to place your order, or a refund check from Manali Fashion if you paid by Bank transfer/Western Union).

B. Kindly allow one to two weeks from the date we receive your return for your account to be credited and 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your credit statement.